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Advocacy Alert

DDI Newsletter July 2023

 Presidents Message

A 4th of July Reflection and A Call to Action

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.” 

While these words are stirring, they did not include the slaves in America, as evidenced by the recent celebration of Juneteenth, when slaves in the South finally found out they were free in 1865, more than 100 years after the Declaration of Independence. The lives of the slaves were not their own, but rather were property. There was no liberty and no opportunity to pursue happiness.

Fast forward to today, while liberty has been won, each day there are instances that show the direct denial of the right to life due to daily assault and attacks resulting in injury and deaths of Black people and minorities. While freedom has been won, the opportunity to pursue happiness has been denied by redlining, inferior quality schools, inadequate healthcare systems, lack of access to capital, and other measures, rules, legislation, etc. to restrict and limit black. These directly impacted Black people in America reducing their Opportunity to pursue happiness.

That the Bad – The Good I that no there are Primary Elections that can change the elected officials and force them to address and resolve the matters and concerns that impact Black, brown, and other historically neglected communities. Read the article about the importance of the Primary Elections being held August 1t. Be sure to return YOUR Ballot to make YOUR VOICE count and is heard!!

Look for several exciting opportunities to get involved beyond the Primary Elections to increase the power and impact of our communities! The Communities must ban together to overturn and address the recent travesties and actions.

Become a DDI Member today and stay tuned for updates!!!

Primary Election Endorsements (AZ)

who did them (id team), what was process (brief overview of requirements and process), why endorsements matter (why do we do endorsements), and who DDI endorsed (send to website)

DDI Endorsements

DDI’s Endorsement Committee made multiple recommendations that were approved by the membership. City, county, and judicial races were considered covering Seattle, King County Council, Port of Seattle, and other cities across King County.

For the complete list of endorsed candidates go to the DDI website. 2023 DDI CANDIDATE ENDORSEMENTS – DEMOCRATS FOR DIVERSITY (

DDI Was There – DDI members have been active across the region representing DDI in numerous community events and activities. The response has been overwhelming.

At the May Washington State Democratic Party Committee Members meeting DDI members advocated for a responsive and equitable plan for the election of delegates to the National Democratic Convention. DDI members will be following the implementation of this plan closely to ensure the election of representative delegates from Washington to the National Democratic Party Convention. DDI Had a table at this State Party meeting and there was a huge interest in the work of DDI.

At the Juneteenth event in Renton DDI members registered more than a dozen new voters and passed out literature about DDI membership.

In July, DDI members were active and attended several Community Candidate Forums to provide the voters in different regions of Seattle and the County opportunities for local voters to hear directly from candidates running for local city council races.

Later this July, DDI Members will be active in the Primary Election campaigns of the endorsed candidates, supporting them with community outreach and engagement activities as well as Ballot return activities.

What have you been doing this summer to increase diversity and inclusion? DDI wants to know so we can acknowledge your work and support and assist you in these efforts. Let us know by sending us photos and background information about your actions. We will highlight them in coming editions of the Advocacy Alert.

New Website – The DDI Website has been revised and updated, thanks to the hard work and leadership of Yvonne Brandon. DDI members supported these efforts and provided feedback.

Check it out at

Please send us your ideas and suggestions for content. The website is a work in progress and needs your thoughts and ideas to meet your needs.

Member Spotlight – Who? What? and why a member of DDI?

Time for Membership – request for action and membership (with correct link to membership form)