Previews and Promise

The first quarter of the year is over, and the election cycle has already begun.  There are more than 300 political races in King County alone. The
legislative session is entering its second phase, and budgets are being developed at the city, county, and state levels. More people are aware of
politics, but many are disillusioned and withdrawn.  There are issues of homelessness, poverty, housing, police reform, economic development,
environmental and social justice.


That’s the bad news. The good news is that Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) is here to help increase the voice of the voiceless, empower the disenfranchised, and turn the power over to the people.  Sounds like a lot of platitudes, I know, but DDI is committed to increasing diversity of voices, at all levels, so All thoughts and ideas considered as potential solutions are explored. DDI is committed to engaging, educating, and
empowering the historically disenfranchised so they can raise their voices and be included in these conversations that impact them and their communities.

That’s a lot of work.  Recruiting and training black and minority Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) so they can speak up and speak out about issues
impacting their communities and that they have a say in how address these matters. 

Identifying issues that impact their communities and ensuring that these matters are on the front burner of the political process is vital.  DDI will work with black and minority PCOs to get their voices heard at the city, county, and state levels of government as well as within the Democratic Party. By making the Democratic Party aware of and responsive to the needs and issues impacting black and minority communities, the candidates running for office will have to respond and when elected will be held accountable to act on those issues. That’s the preview. 


The Promise is that DDI will strive to ensure that diversity, inclusion, and equity isn’t a slogan, but a standard and an expectation for action by every elected and appointed official at all levels of government.  The Promise is the work of DDI will continue to be the identification, recruitment, training, support, and empowerment of black and minority PCOs so the issues and concerns that impact their communities are heard and addressed.

It’s going to be hard work and take some time, but with your help as a DDI Member we will be able to achieve the goal of increased diversity and inclusion leading to equity in action and results!!!


The first quarter of the new year is over.  Memberships not renewed in December are NOW DUE. For DDI to accomplish its mission we need committed and dedicated Dues Paying Members.  It takes money to run programs and Members to provide the resources, ideas, and energy to fulfill our goal. 

so the work of the legislative session is supported. RENEW TODAY so the work of the coming election cycle can be done faithfully. RENEW TODAY so the work with supporting, educating, and empowering black and minority young people can begin. RENEW TODAY to be a part of DDI 2023!!


For those hat live in the Seattle city limits, the Seattle Democracy Voucher program has begun for this year’s city council races. This is a program that provides each Resident four (4) $25 vouchers they can give to the candidate/s of their choice in the upcoming Seattle City Council races.

At the March DDI Meeting members heard how the program operates and funds the campaigns of candidates running for Seattle City Council.  They provided information about how to get your vouchers, how the program gets the designated funds to the candidates and what the candidates must do to access these funds. 

The bottom line is to increase the diversity of the candidates running for office by reducing the funding disparity so many black and minority candidates face.  These funds have increased the number of black and minority candidates running for Seattle offices.


The elections are coming … the elections are coming!!!  This election cycle there are multiple races on the ballot in King County alone.  DDI is
preparing to ensure that the issues of importance to black and minority communities are reviewed, and candidates explain their position on these issues.

The month of March is a preparation and planning month for the DDI Interview and Endorsement Committee.  The members of that committee will review the procedures and processes candidates will have to go through to be considered and receive the DDI Endorsement.  The committee will review the issues and standards for endorsement and the process by which members can participate in the final determination of the endorsement.

If you liked the process last year, let the Committee know before the April meeting. If you have ideas and suggestions for improvement let the Committee know prior to the April meeting.

If you would like to serve on the Committee and participate in the interviews and recommendation process, please submit your name to DDI@DemocratsForDiversityAndInclusion.org. 


The second quarter of this year will herald the launch of DDI 2023!  This is a bold initiative focused on outreach, engagement, and young people. We are also upgrading systems and operational procedures and processes. 

The new and improved DDI website is just one example of the upgraded DDI. Other areas include the initial community outreach program and the youth program.

This is a crucial time to be a Member of DDI and help support financially and with your energy, ideas, and thoughts.


Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their DDI.  We all typedthose words, or something like that in typing/keyboarding class.  Now they are real and have an impact on our communities, especially black and minority communities.


Renew Today to be a part of DDI 2023!!  Memberships can be renewed on the Join DDI llink at democratsfordiversityandinclusion.org